About Us

Van Nellen Translations is a highly professional Twin Cities-based language service provider. The company was founded and is managed by Thomas van Nellen, M.A., who has extensive experience in the translation industry and understands how to help businesses communicate effectively in foreign languages. Our stringent quality assurance procedures ensure that we can be proud of our translations – and you of your localized content. We specialize in translations from English to Dutch and vice versa, but we can also provide high-quality translations in most other language pairs to and from English.

Why Choose Van Nellen Translations?

We work with a team of experienced professional translators. All of our translators go through rigorous testing before they are allowed to work for us. Because of our modest size and specialized nature, we know our translators and we can vouch for the quality of our product. This sets us apart from large translation companies, some of which are out of touch with their clients, their translators and their own product. We believe that translation is a craft, not a commodity.

Another benefit of working with us instead of a large translation agency is our pricing. Because of our efficiency, we can offer higher quality at lower rates. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us, or request a free quote.